Wednesday, March 1, 2017

National Day of Mourning 2017

This is not a post that I wish I had to do, to be quite honest.  I do not think that anyone in the disability community wishes we had to assert the fact that we are deserving of the same basic civil and human liberties of, that anyone wishes we had to remind people that we are human beings, and that all human beings are deserving of life.

Nonetheless, this is National Day of Mourning, in which we remember the lives of the estimated four-hundred-plus disabled people murdered by those labeled as "parents" and "caregivers" in the past six years, hundreds of more cases dating back to 1980 that can be read about here. 

If you can attend a vigil in your area, please do so.  I was going to be a site coordinator in my own community, but regrettably, home life came first.  I wish that it didn't most of the time, but it did.

I truly wish that I did not live in a World in which #StopKillingUs was not controversial, but sadly, that is not the case.  It is beyond chilling to think that I or my nonspeaking, visibly-autistic cousin could have been murdered as children-- no, scratch that, even now-- and the mainstream media as well as overall society could have such a crass disregard for the lives lost.  

If you are a parent or caregiver of a disabled person, and are SERIOUSLY considering murder and/or suicide, please contact your local authorities or crisis hotline.  For disabled people, parents or caregivers of disabled people, or professionals or educators who work with disabled people, check out ASAN's 2017 Anti-Filicide Toolkit.